Irish Immigration

Overview: Throughout Modules One and Two, you have been guided through beginning your Project 1: Writing Plan assignment, which you will continue to work
on in Modules Three and Four and formally submit for completion at the end of Module Four of the course. This progress check assignment provides you with an
important opportunity to get valuable instructor feedback on the progress you are making and to ensure you are on the right track for your later submission.
Prompt: Module Two: Approaches to History, continued, has explored how historians select search terms to locate secondary sources that help them find
answers to their research question. Return to your submission for Progress Check 1 and expand upon your events historical significance, describe two secondary
sources you could use to research your event (along with search terms you used to locate those sources), and support your research question with secondary and
primary sources.
Specifically, in this assignment, you will submit the following elements of your Project 1: Writing Plan for review by your instructor:
In Module Two: Approaches to History, continued, learning block 2-3 (page 3), you completed the following element:
I. Describe the historical event that you selected. Why is this event significant?
II. Describe at least two secondary sources that you could use to research your historical event. Your sources must be relevant to your event and must be
of an appropriate academic nature. In your description, consider questions such as: What are the similarities and differences in the content of your
sources? What makes them appropriate and relevant for investigating your event? What was your thought process when you were searching for
sources? How did you make choices?
III. Based on your review of primary and secondary sources, develop a research question related to the historical event you selected. In other words, what
would you like to know more about?
Please note that the numbering included above directly aligns with the numbering of these elements as they are presented in the Project 1 Guidelines and
Rubric. You will ultimately also need to describe primary sources that you could use to research your event as well as the audience and message for your
historical analysis essay, but you do not need to do so in this submission. You will be prompted to build upon this progress check submission to prepare your final
writing plan for submission in Module Four.
Guidelines for Submission: The Writing Plan Progress Check 2 must be submitted as a 1-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times
New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Follow the formatting of the example included in Module Two: Approaches to History, continued, learning block 2-3
(page 3), and include identifying information (name, course code and title, assignment title, name of university, and date) as well as section headings (topic,
research question, search terms and sources) as appropriate.

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