Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Course Project Content

The purpose of your Course Project is to demonstrate your understanding, comprehension, and mastery of the following concepts:
Develop both competence and confidence through reading about Entrepreneurship       
Working with problems and cases that include real-life experiences with the subject
Use Entrepreneurship terminology

Throughout this semester you will be acquiring knowledge on Entrepreneurship topics, theories, as well as terminology. You will apply this new knowledge to your Course Project.
For your Course Project, you will be developing a business plan. While there is no one single best format for a business plan, for this assignment, However, you may choose any format of your choosing.
The US Small Business Administration (SBA) at: has incredible resources and articles to help you wit
It is suggested that you begin working on your Course Project during Week 5, and complete one milestone per week through Week 12.
You will be working on the business plan in parts. By the time you are done, you will have a completed product ready to be turned in. Your business plan must have the following parts as recommended by the US Small Business Administration. The SBA recommendation increases your chances of qualifying for business funding under SBAs 7a Business Loan Program.
Milestone 1: Executive Summary
Your executive summary is a snapshot of your business plan as a whole and touches on your proposed companys profile and goals.
Milestone 2: Company Description
Your company description provides information on what you do, what differentiates your business from others, and what markets your business plans to serve.
Milestone 3: Organization & Management
Every business is structured differently. Describe how your business is going to be structured.
Milestone 4: Service or Product Line
What do you sell? How does what you are going to sell benefit your customers? What is the product lifecycle?
Milestone 5: Market Analysis
Before launching your business, it is essential for you to research your business industry, market and competitors. This section explains your research findings and how they relate to your proposed business.
Milestone 6: Marketing & Sales
How do you plan to market your business? What is your sales strategy?
Milestone 7: Financial Projections and Funding Request
Forecasted income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and capital expenditure budgets
Milestone 8: Funding Request
How much money will you need? Where do you hope to get it from?
At the completion of week 12 you will have accumulated your eight (8) Milestones. You will then compile your eight (8) completed milestones, a cover page, a table of contents, and a properly formatted APA References Page in a professional Word Document portfolio to submit for grading at the end of Week 13.

Final Course Project – Will be submitted in a professional Word Document portfolio and turned in by the end of Week 13 in the following required format:
1. Cover Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Eight finalized milestones
4. APA Formatted References Page

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