Into The Wild


Choose four of the following thematic ideas to write about.  Each section should focus on one of the thematic ideas.

The American Wilderness

Risk and Self-Reinvention

Arrogance, Innocence, and Ignorance

Luck, Chance, and Circumstance

Materialism and Idealism

Isolation  vs. Intimacy

Each section should include connections between Into the Wild and either Westward Expansion or Transcendentalism.  Before you start typing, brainstorm connections that could be made.

Each section should include at least one quote from the book done with proficient style.

At least one section should include the importance of Chriss relationship with people on his journey or before, whether its good or bad.

Specific examples, stories, people, etc. should be included in each section.

M.U.G. – is always important.  Really pay attention to the obvious mistakes of capitalizing proper nouns and the beginning of sentences.  Avoid run-on sentences, misplaced punctuation, and spelling errors (dont be lazy).


5 pages

Double spaced

11 arial font

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