intimate relationships

Research shows that in a forced-choice format, men tend to be more upset by sexual infidelity and women tend to be more upset by emotional infidelity. There are competing biological (nature) and cultural (nurture) explanations for this finding. Conduct a mini research on both of these findings (nature vs nurture). What did you find? How accurate is each explanation? Which explanation has the most logical support and evidence? Is a nature/nurture interaction the most likely explanation for these differences or is there another way to explain it?
For your conclusion, what is your opinion? Do you agree w/ what the research states? Whatever your gender identity is, do you agree with what the research states about that gender?
Use at least three references (they can be magazines, newspapers, journal articles, websites are ok, but you can’t get all your information from one source).
Length requirement:
Your homework assignment should be Ipage of text and include a cover and reference page.

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