internet career builder exercise

Internet Career Builder Exercise

a. There are a number of resources for search engine marketing and the jobs are expected to continue to grow at double-digit rates, outpacing the rest of the economy.
-Search engine marketing analyst
-SEO manager
-Marketing specialist, paid search
-Search marketing coordinator
-Search marketing also may be included in Internet analyst or other online marketing positions
b. Select search job title from the list above or from your own search. Outline the responsibilities of that position. You may find it useful to locate job postings on the web in order to understand the job requirements.
c. Outline knowledge and experience from classes, internships, full- or part-time jobs, and volunteer work that prepare you for this specific position.
d. Prepare five questions you could ask at a job interview. The questions should exhibit your understanding of the position requirements without lecturing the interviewer about what she already knows

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