international law of the sea case note

This task requires you to select an historical or contemporary case, or several related cases, in the international law of the sea and to compose a comprehensive case note that provides an overview of the decision(s), the reasons of the court/tribunal(s) and any dissenting and separate opinions. Your note should explain the significance of the case for the law of the sea (e.g. has it had a lasting impact, or has it been overturned by subsequent developments).

This is a research exercise and you are expected to consult a range of primary (e.g. treaties, government statements, conciliation decisions, and reports etc.) and secondary sources (e.g. journal articles, books, etc.) in completing your essay. You are strongly encouraged to begin work on the research essay as soon as possible.

There are many published case notes that you may wish to consult for guidance on the structure that is usually followed in this form of legal scholarship. Good journals to look for include the International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law and the Melbourne Journal of International Law. An example of a law of the sea case note may be found :

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