International Competitive Advantages

Watch the video by clicking the following link, “Cirque du Soleil, a truly global workforce.” As many have pointed out, Cirque du Soleil incorporates ideas from various cultures into each of its shows. This is achieved by obtaining input for shows from the employees of Cirque. Cirque is a diverse organization with members from over 40 different countries. Incorporating ideas from many cultures into the show creates a product that is multicultural and has appeal across cultures.

What are Cirque du Soleils most critical competitive advantages for doing international business? How did Cirque du Soleil develop their competitive advantages? What do you think are reasons Cirque du Soleil can achieve consistency in the quality of their shows and casts in different locations? What are other drivers of globalization that influence Cirque du Soleil? Support your comments with information from this week’s lecture, readings, and your research.

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