International Business

n this final paper, you will focus on the application of the many concepts related to international business.

Scenario: You work as a consultant for an American company that is looking to expand internationally. Specifically, the company wants to establish manufacture/produce, distribute, and sell their product in a foreign country. (Colombia)
You are supposed to complete and present an analysis that evaluates the potential/risk/characteristics of this country.  Your research should focus on the analysis of the following specific profiles:
Geographic profile
Demographic and sociocultural profile
Economical profile
Foreign Direct Investment
Political profile
Legal profile
Production and Supply chain Profile
For each of these profiles, you will obtain the country specific information.  Then, using what you have learned in this class, as well as external sources, you will prepare conclusions and recommendations related to the countrys potential for the next 5 to 10 years, as it relates to the company and product you have chosen. Finally, at the end, you will provide overall conclusions on the country as a whole and its outlook for the next 5 to 10 years, as it relates to the company and product you have chosen
Note: Please keep in mind that the objective of this research is not to get country specific information and develop recommendations/conclusions about its past and current environment.  The objective is to use the information obtained to develop recommendations/conclusions about the potential/future trends of the country for the next 5 to 10 years.
You will choose the company and product for your research. You can choose any product or company. You will also choose the country for your research, except for:  Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom
Submission should be 15 – 20 pages long of content (not including cover page, references). APA style. Use at least 6 sources from 2005 to present. Incorporate findings from other sources like well as in the online library within academic literature. You can find excellent scholarly articles to support your opinion in the online library’s LIRN ProQuest database. In graduate work these sources are extremely important to use!
Written submission is due Sunday night.
-Please structure your submission as follows:
Introduction (1 page)
Geographic profile (1-2 pages)
Demographic and sociocultural profile  (2-3 pages)
Economical profile  (2-3 pages)
Foreign Direct Investment  (2-3 pages)
Political profile  (2-3 pages)
Legal profile  (1-2 pages)
Production and Supply chain Profile  (2-3 pages)
Final conclusion and Recommendation (1-2 pages)

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