WRITE two post and two response.

Electric Cars (hereinafter also electric vehicles) were introduced more than 100 years ago, and
since then, major technologies have been developed and electric cars are seeing a renaissance and rise in popularity among consumers. Viewed as an environmentally safe alternative to conventional gasoline and fuel-based vehicles, electric cars offer both environmental and economic incentives for consumers. However, the electric car industry has been criticized for a range of different reasons including, but not limited to: the initial cost to purchase an electric vehicle, the construction of electric vehicles in different plants around the world, the known (and unknown) costs of repair, the long-term viability of electric vehicle technology, and the integration of smart technology into electric vehicles and their functionality. Each of these issue areas has generated substantial implications on the part of consumers that seek to own an electric car, but also for industries that seek to manufacture an electric vehicle.Given your knowledge of electric vehicles as well as some of the principles you have been (and will continue to be) exposed to of international business, you are required to write two discussion posts answering two of the following questions/prompts.

1) How do electric vehicles impact the automotive industry in both domestic and international markets relative to traditional gasoline/fuel vehicles? (Think sales, profits, public/private, equity, ownership, etc.)
2) What are the implications of electric vehicles in the automotive industry in international business? (Think imports, exports, costs of labour, outsourcing, consumer cultures across different countries)
3) Do electric vehicles make a substantial economic or environmental difference in terms of reducing fuel costs or reducing carbon emissions as compared to their traditional counterparts?
(Think of comparing the costs of owning an electric vehicle vs gasoline, the pollution generated from the creation and consumption of either vehicle choice)
4) What privacy or security concerns exist for electric cars and how might they affect how international business is conducted within the automotive industry? (Think smart data/information used in electric vehicles like autopilot, internet connectivity)

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