Innovation Defined

Conduct a google search for companies that have either closed or are in distress. Write a 2.5 page assessment of the company to the CEO and Board of Directors. The goal of the paper is to write an argumentative essay (Links to an external site.) convincing the leaders to keep the company open.

Name the company and identify the industry.
Provide some background about the company.
What are the major issues?
What innovative strategy do you recommend to keep the company viable?  Why should leaders believe your innovative strategy will work?
Discuss the relationship between the innovative process and assisting the organization to gain a competitive advantage.
This is a 2.5 page synopsis.
It should be written as a paper in APA (Links to an external site.) format.
Your paper should flow.  It should not be written with the numbered bullets points that were outlined in the recommended questions above. However, use those questions to help guide your thoughts.
This will be presented by the CEO to the Board of Directors
Make sure you do not have grammatical errors.
You can use references, but make sure they are APA formatted.
Do not copy and paste information.

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