Infectious Disease – Cellulitis

While instructing an Advanced Practice Nurse student, you are told she is seeing a 19 year old female with cellulitis of the right leg that occurs 24 hours after shaving her legs.
1. Why is it important to differentiate the potential cause of cellulitis before initiating empiric therapy?
2. What would you consider for empiric therapy and why?
3. What are the monitoring parameters of efficacy and side effects of the agent you picked?
4. After being treated for cellulitis she developed severe diarrhea. How will you determine if this is simple antibiotic-associated diarrhea or a Clostridium Difficile infection? If it is a C.Diff infection, how will you treat it?

*Kindly review the attached PDF for assistance with answers. Please use only professional references which includes nursing or other healthcare-related journals, professional websites, or textbooks.

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