Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution was defined by a transition from a local, agrarian, handcraft economy to one characterized by machine manufacturing, factories and cities, and a worldwide market. The second industrial revolution featured an unprecedented technological take-off as a result of the practical applications of recent advances in science. Many innovations came into use in the decades leading up to World War I.  Several had the power to transform daily life as well as the world of business and government. Together, they packed a technological punch that would propel the world into the modern age.
-Of the inventions from this era, 1850-1914, which do you think was the most transformative for ordinary people socially, economically and politically? Create a minimum of a paragraph for each categorical impact of your selected invention.  Give examples that show causation and support your conclusion.
-The world has been drastically and irrevocably transformed by technology during the 21st century.  Pick the technological development that has most drastically altered society during the 21st century socially, economically and socially in your opinion.  Show how your selection has impacted all 3 areas, showing causation as in your 1850-1914 selection

Provide specific examples for your points and conclusions.
Use of quotations from your credible sources is encouraged
Use a minimum total of 3 authored, credible sources, in addition to your textbook, to support your opinions and conclusions along with short bios of your selected authors. 

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