India’s Economic Output

1) Use World bank, World trade organization, and Statista as sources to access databases to collect data on:
            A) India’s foreign direct investment(FDI), B) GDP per capita, C) GDP purchasing power parity (PPP; and global ranking of India based on this indicator), and D) GDP % share of global economy.

2) Main sector in India and its % share of country’s GDP, Import/Export flow, identify India’s top trading partner (export & import), identify top import & export good or service, identify any existing clusters (if any).

With this information, write a 2 pages economic summary of India providing the data for the indicators in points 1 & 2. You do not have to write all the data, you can also visualize in charts, figures, and graphs. ***Most importantly, please describe India’s current economic output by combining the indicators of points 1&2.***

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