In Your World: Quantitative Information in Everyday Life – Group 2


For the In Your World discussions, you will find and present examples of mathematics in everyday life. The goal is to draw personal connections between your own life experiences and the course content for the week. To guide your thinking, you will choose examples from the “In Your World” prompts given in the textbook. Some questions may ask for your personal opinion; others will require some research in order to answer the question. Follow the directions for whatever problems you choose and credit your sources as needed. Credit or citations may be informal: a web link, a picture of a billboard you saw, a mention of a TV commercial and on what channel it aired, a picture from Instagram, etc. You may write informally and include videos or pictures if you like. After you present your chosen application, you will interact with your discussion group by reading and responding to their work.


For this discussion, you will present an application from any of the sections in Chapter 3 or Chapter 4. Choose one of the “In Your World” exercises at the end of each unit in the textbook. You can find these after the textbook exercises you have completed. For example, the Unit 3A “In Your World” problems begin with #96 on page 138, just before the start of Unit 3B.

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