In the ruling, the Court states, “Parties challenging state abortion laws have sharply disputed in some courts the contention that a purpose of these laws, when enacted, was to protect prenatal life. Pointing to the absence of legislative history to supp

Make sure this essay includes transition sentences between paragraphs and that it is written in third person (he/she/it), not in first person “I” or second person “you”.
Your introduction must include a hook and some background ideas on the topic.
Your conclusion needs to go beyond repetition and consider the implications of your argument from a socio-economical, political, cultural, philosophical, etc. standpoint. In other words, show me you can critically think about these issues.
Include a minimum of five (5) reliable sources. One can be the ruling.
Include short quotes and paraphrases with in-text citations. Long quotes need to be set up as a block.
Remember that our essays are 1500-2000 words or 4.5-6 pages (excluding the works cited page).
Be sure to follow all other MLA guidelines to format your paper (header and works cited page.  All works cited entries need to have active links when they exist.)
Use Times New Roman font 12 And no (.com) websites!!

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