Importance of SCM to Wholesale/Retail Industry

Your initial main discussion post must be a minimum of 250 words. Your main post will be provided on Wednesday of that week. Your two responses to two other students must be a minimum of 150 words. Your responses must be by Sunday evening.

When incorporating outside information/facts, please provide the in-text citations and references for your sources.

Part I

Please review the information below and then answer the corresponding question(s).

Supply Chain: All organizations, processes, and activities involved in the flow of goods from the raw materials to the final consumer.

Supply Chain Management (SCM): Planning and coordinating the movement of products along the supply chain.

Logistics: Subset of SCM that focuses on the tactics involved in moving products along the supply chain.

Instructions: Briefly describe why supply chain management is vital to the wholesale and retail industry. What changes are occurring in the industry that may impact how products are developed and delivered to the end consumer? Please include specific examples.

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