Implementation Plan

Rubric attached

Paper 2-1: In this paper, you are asked to, Create a clear and comprehensive implementation plan for your concept or idea and propose a clear and comprehensive plan for implementing and managing the concept from inception to completion. This is a really important paperit forms the core of the final project. What is your actual implementation plan?

Look at the rubric for detailed instructions on each of the critical elements of the paper. The easiest place to find this is under the assignment in the modules. Look for the link at the bottom of the assignment. The .pdf file has detailed instructions on this assignment. I suggest that you use the critical elements 3-6 as headers in your paper as well as a short introduction and conclusion, as follows:

Physical and Technological Resources
Implementation Schedule [notethis REALLY means put a schedule herenot a discussion of what should go into a schedule or the importance of a schedule, but a schedule. A Gantt chart is great.]
Project Review Processes [noteconnect the project review with the milestones from the schedule above; discuss metrics to determine progress.]
Intrapreneurship or Entrepreneurship [notethis gets beaten to death. Just tell whether it is one or the other or neither and describe how the project fits the definition. Dont define intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship or tell the reader that it is important, all of us know that already.]
Conclusion [no absolutely necessary, but a summary of your ideas can tie everything together.]
Note that the elements called main elements, critical thinking, and articulation of response are my evaluation of your whole paper rather than topic areas for you to explore.

Headers will help you make sure to address each topic clearly. The paper should be 5-8 pages long, not including the title page, references, and abstract (if you choose to include one).

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