Vaccination schedules should be obtained directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Resources for Healthcare Providers website and reflect the most current recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Additional scholarly resources should be used and all sources  must be cited appropriately. 

1.Choose 2 vaccines from the list above and provide the following information for each: 
Name of disease preventable vaccination
Trade name (if more than one available, chose one only)
Type of vaccination (attenuated or inactivated)
Adverse drug reactions
Minimum age to receive vaccine
Routine recommended vaccine schedule (timing and dose)
Special situations

2.Barriers & Interventions
-Identify one reason for vaccine non-compliance or vaccine hesitancy by patients/parents.
-Discuss one intervention that Nurse Practitioners can take to improve vaccination compliance . 
-Identify when healthcare providers are required by law to report an adverse event.
-Discuss adverse events that healthcare providers are encouraged  to report.
-Identify how a healthcare provider would report an adverse event. 

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