Immigration, Deportation and Detention

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Conduct and write a policy analysis paper on your previously selected problem. The primary focus will be on defining the problem, providing necessary context, determining criteria for evaluation, and constructing policy alternatives. The actual forecasting and decision making portions will utilize a research proposal approach.

The full paper should be 15-20 double-space pages (not including references). The Salmon Fishery analyses on Canvas can serve as useful examples and templates for how to proceed.

Specifics on the component parts are below:

Executive summary
This is a one page summary of the most important elements of your analysis. The executive summary should stand on its own and be interpretable to the reader without having to refer to any of the larger report. This is one of the most important parts of the entire analysis. Spend considerable time making it clear and comprehensive.
Problem analysis
This section introduces the larger report and includes the problem definition and description, background and context, and symptom assessment. This should provide readers with a clear and factually accurate understanding of the problem under consideration, be grounded in research and backed by reliable references.  An assessment of the causes and consequences of the problem should also be included here. 
The inclusion of a problem diagram is optional. While it is an important foundational when beginning an analysis, problem diagrams are not typically included in final policy analysis reports. That said, if it helps you communicate the problem dynamic you are addressing, by all means include it.
Policy goals (criteria) and impact categories
Here you will identify and describe the goals (criteria) and impact categories which you will use to assess each policy alternative. Do careful, thoughtful work here. Make sure your goals make sense.  Explain them and justify why they are important.  Identify concrete measurable impact categories as necessary to flesh out each goal. Be explicit about the relative importance of each goal and justify any weights that you use.  Use as many goals and impact categories as are appropriate for your particular problem. Please provide a summary of alternative in terms of policy goals (see Salmon Fishery).
Policy alternatives
Identify and describe 3 policy alternatives that have the potential to mitigate the problem you are examining.  These should be perceived as among the top choices out of all the interventions possible. Given this, briefly describe the potential of each policy and your rationale for its inclusion.
Make sure that you identify the policy tool that each alternative utilizes and calibrate the tool as necessary.  Provide enough specific detail about each alternative so that they are able to be forecasted. 
Note: Be careful with policies that contain multiple different tools: they can get muddy. I recommend that you only combine multiple tools into a single alternative if you have strong reason to believe that their combination provides a value-added that could not be achieved by each individually.
Policy Recommendation
In this part of the analysis you are going to give you recommendation as to which policy alternative would be best moving forward. Technically, you could say the status quo is the recommended policy, but keep in mind that you are usually commissioned to do an analysis in an effort to strategize change. Most employers would be frustrated to pay for an analysis that said, We like what we are doing now. Explain and justify why you believe the policy alternative you choose ought to be implemented. You are not hired to implement the policy. You do not need to describe how you would carry out the alternative, however, if a shallow explanation about how an aspect of the implementation help lead you to your decision, than you may address it. 

Writing style
This analysis should be polished and flow smoothly from section to section. I recommend the use of headings for each section.
Proper citations are expected throughout and a works cited should be included at the end. Please use any one of standard citation styles (i.e. APSA, APA, and Chicago). I am ambivalent as to which you select, but be consistent in your usage.
15-20 pages (Times New Roman, Size 12, 1in. Margins) should provide sufficient space for the assessment requested, but this is a hard limit so work to make your writing concise.

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