Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill

Immanuel Kant argues that autonomy, or the ability to self-govern or self-determine oneself, is the basis for morality and justice. In your paper, describe how Kant understands autonomy and why it is necessary for his concept of morality, personal responsibility, and justice. Next, explain how John Stuart Mill provides a philosophy, based on utility, that is opposed to Kants morality.  Afterwards, explain how both Kant and Mill might support or reject drug use according to their ethical systems. You may want to address concepts of self-harm, consent, enslavement, indirect vs. direct harm, negative vs. positive rights, paternalism, consequences vs. intentions, and etc., to name a few.  Finally, determine which side (pro or con drug use according to Kant and/or Mill) has the better argument; defend your position on drug legalization.

Your answer to the question must not only present your own considered opinion on the matter, but must be formulated so as to include at least:

1. a comparative examination of two or three different possible answers to the question;

2. a critical analysis of your own position which identifies potential weaknesses in the position and explains what makes that position nevertheless superior in some way to the others considered; and

3. specific reference to ideas, insights, and/or arguments presented by the philosophers assigned in the prompt.

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