(iii)Explain why it can be claimed that science is political? Use examples to illustrate your answer (e.g. GMO policy in Canada or the EU, the muzzling of government scientists, etc.).

1.Your answers to all questions below must be based on the course lectures (including the video
clips), tutorial discussions, and required course readings. The more of these you integrate into
your responses, the better.

2. be sure to support your arguments/ideas with examples and
evidence. Do not make unsubstantiated statements, and avoid going off topic (i.e., do not try and
pad your answers with unrelated or tangential ideas).

3. your essay should consist of an introduction (with a clear thesis/argument),
development section, and conclusion. plz use at least 1 quotaion from the article I provided, not from any other resourses.

4. this paper will be graded on: (i) your knowledge, and synthesis, of all the course materials
; (ii) your ability to make a concise and clear argument; and (iii) your writing (spelling,
grammar, clarity, proper citation/referencing).

5.please use a different color of font when you quoting from the article and the discussion. And write done the page number.

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