IHRM case study

For the final paper for this course, you have the opportunity to apply the general IHRM knowledge that you have gained from this course to a series of real world case study scenarios.

You will be presented with two case studies, each one of which describes a particular IHRM challenge. Each case study is followed by a series of questions.

First, you need to answer the questions for each case study separately.

Case Study 1: Open exchange at dmg world media


1. How is performance management at dmg world media different from traditional performance management systems at other companies?
2. What was the impetus for developing a different performance management system at dmg world media?
3. What are the potential problems of using a standardized performance management system with managers and employees from different cultures in a multinational company? How might these problems be overcome in dmg world media?

Case Study 2: Work-life balance for young professionals in emerging markets


1. Describe the dynamics of the labor market in emerging markets such as those of Central and Eastern Europe.
2. How has the need for work-life balance been changing in the US and in emerging markets?
3. How does a work-life balance policy, originating at corporate HQ, become successfully implemented in the MNEs subsidiaries around the world?

Second, you need to answer an additional question based on the answers to the case study questions you have given. The concluding question is

What learning do you take away from across these case studies all together, and the course learnings in general, that you believe could help you in the future as an HR manager working in a multinational corporation? 

You should cite literature sources wherever possible to support your answers to both the case study questions and the final question. Points will be deducted if literature sources are not cited or are incorrectly cited. Please refer to APA guidelines on how to cite literature sources.

You should submit your paper as a series of paragraphs, clearly indicating which paragraph is answering which question. Write in full sentences, not bullet points. Points will be deducted for poor presentation, spelling or grammar. The answer to each question should not exceed 400 words. Your paper should be formatted using Times New Roman 12pt font, double spacing of lines, and should be submitted as a Word document.

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