I need speech scripts based on what you’ve done for me.

hi:) I loved your work with #198166367 and #198598045.
So, we have done for sampling and sample groups right? well, this time I need scripts for both sampling and sample group, because I will present it tomorrow so this time, I want you to make speech scripts for me based on what you wrote.

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Survey Sampling: Since we cannot survey the whole population, we conduct a sample survey. We will use data from our survey to represent the population in Japan. We used random sampling for our 1000 sample size and quota sampling for our four subsets. Our group settles for this method due to financial and time constraints. Our quantitative research on customer satisfaction (CSAT) used four subsets in our quota sampling; age group, race, gender, and income class. As a heads up, we made sure to follow the three basic requirements of sampling: (1) Since our sample deals with changes across time, we made sure to measure consistency across our subsets. (2) We made sure to be diversified in that our subsets entailed every ethnic group in Japan, social class, gender, and age. (3) We made sure to discuss our survey limitations as a way of maintaining transparency. We performed random sampling where each respondent for our survey was selected independently of the other population members. As much as we performed a random sampling, we ensured that each element of Japans population was well represented. For instance, if we randomly chose a woman as our first respondent, the following random sampling had to be a man. We did this until all the age groups (5-year interval), income class (5-$100,000 interval), and ethnic group were represented. This was done to avoid biases commonly associated with random sampling. Every citizen in Japan had an equal chance of being selected in our random survey sampling. The inclusion criteria was that every individual surveyed must be owning a license and legally mandated to drive within Japan. The exclusion criteria were those underage individuals able to drive but without a driving license were not surveyed.

to SCRIPT for speech ( I will present it based on what you wrote for me)

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Sample groups
We used random sampling to select our respondents for the customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey. With a sample size of 1000 respondents randomly selected from the population in Japanese, we selected four sub-set top whole to represent the population of Japan. The sub-sets are listed below.
(a) Age group
Respondents were from the minimum to the maximum age capable of driving a car in Japan with an interval of five years.
16-20 years
21-25 years
26-30 years
31-35 years
36-40 years
41-45 years
46-50 years
51-55 years
56-60 years
61-65 years
66-70 years
71-75 years
76-80 years
(b) Race
All races in Japan were represented as below.
(c) Income class
Income class was based on earnings as below
1) Low class: Less than 250,000
2) Middle class: 250,000 – 450,000 monthly
3) High class: Above 500,000
d) Gender
Gender was based on sexual identity.
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to SCRIPT for speech ( I will present it based on what you wrote for me)

That is it, thank you so much:)

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