Human Trafficking in Ghana


A two page (500-600 word) paper in APA format to include a title page and reference page (note: the title and reference pages are not included in the page count), which addresses the questions outlined below. Include a minimum of four scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles for citations and references published within the last 5 years.  Utilize APA Level 1 Headings.

Step 1 Read Holtz, Chapters 5 and 6

Step 2 Discuss the following using your literature review and the course text to provide support and citations within your written assignment.

Title Page

Introduction (Title of your Paper)

Concise overview of the topic/what you are going to discuss in your paper.
Description of human trafficking in – GHANA

Provide at least four facts or trends regarding the issue of human trafficking in the country.
Physical and Mental Health Issues Related to Human Trafficking

Discuss two health issues arising from human trafficking in the country
Discuss one mental and one physical health problem.
Discuss the extent of the problems.
Make the connection between health issues and human trafficking.  Provide support from your literature search.
Social Determinants Facilitating the Trafficking of Women and Children

Identify the social determinants that places women and children in this country at higher risk of human trafficking.
Discuss the role role these social determinants have regarding trafficking of women and children.
Explain briefly how and why.
Provide support from the scholarly literature for your answers.
Recommendations for Combating Trafficking Using Social Determinants

Discuss at least two recommendations combating trafficking using social determinants.
Provide support from your scholarly literature search/the recent evidence.

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