human services

1.Describe the concept of family resiliency and vulnerability.  Then, discuss variousfamily resiliency factors (presence or absence of) as related to the Neumanns andStanleys, two families depicted in the PBS documentary, Two American Families. ( 1 Page Single Space)

2.Discuss how families may vary by their social status: gender, race/ethnicity, and social class.  Then, discuss how the Neumanns and Stanleys (families featured in the documentary Two American Families) were impacted by their social status. ( 1 Page Single Space)

3.Discuss the importance of social science theory and research in helping us understand families (see pages 20 33 of the Seccombe textbook). Then, select three principles from family systems theory and describe how these benefit our understanding of families. ( 1 Page Single Space)

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