Human Rights

Please answer each question throughly and separately with a total of 5 sources.
1.) a. What is the applicable definition of a child b. Why are children entitled to special protection under the international human rights law? c. Identify and carefully describe the governing principles that underpin the entire Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1989. d. Evaluate the potential arguments for and against ratification by the USA of the Convention on the Rights of Child of 1989. What can be gained (legally, politically, or diplomatically) by remaining outside this treaty system.
2.) a. Are acts that constitute torture culturally determined or universalthat is, do acts that constitute torture vary from culture to culture? From gender to gender? Religion to religion? If so, how is it possible to enforce the 1984Torture Convention meaningfully?b. Many experts on torture have observed that information extracted from a person through torture is unreliable. if this is true why is torture so apparently tempting to governments the world over?
c. What does the United Nations Convention on Torture require of nation states that have signed and ratified it.d.What is the importance of legal professionals in the documentation and investigation of Torture according to the Istanbul Protocol?
3.) a. Are economic, social, and cultural rights really rights?Is it better to think of these second-generation of human rights associal goals? Why? And why not?
b. Although the full realization of the rights recognized in the Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights is to be attained progressively, the application of some rights can be made justiciable immediately while others can become justiciable over time. Discuss. c. Identify and describe the treaty obligations of states that have signed and ratified the Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.

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