Human Resource Management Director

Turabian citation guidelines.*****author date style

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has resulted in a crazy year for all of us; it appears that we will be dealing with the effects of the virus well into 2021, and possibly longer. We may have been affected in different ways, but the bottom line is that, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, our personal and professional lives have been turned sideways and upside down!

You are currently the Human Resource Management Director for a public sector organization (city or county government) in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. You have a meeting scheduled with your city/county manager to discuss employee/employer issues resulting from the coronavirus. Identify and discuss the pertinent and important areas of consideration for the HRM Director, as well as the possible obstacles and solutions. Identify the areas that organizations, specifically HRM, have to address, including (but not limited to) staffing, work place environment, etc.

Include :
-How and what tools and concepts help when dealing with difficult employees (co-workers), citizens, officials, etc.?
-What about ethical issues, mission statements, and core values of an organization?
-communication and conflict resolution are also important issues to be developed
-All of these issues should be discussed in the form of: how do these tools help managers deal with the issues in a public organization, including employee engagement and interaction conflicts/problem solving.

Being able to interact with public/elected officials and irate citizens, advisory groups, businesses, etc. are also critical to a public organization’s success, especially in regard to funding and other resources.

Remember, this is the final essay for the semester; this means that your essay should reflect the material from the textbook and Getting Past No, articles and TED Talks (if appropriate). This essay is worth 120 points toward your final grade and must:

Be between 6-8 pages in length, not counting title and reference pages.
Utilize and cite material from the courses information and reading. You are only allowed to use class sources, i.e. textbooks, videos, journal articles, other articles or documents posted within the course.
Be double spaced, 12- point font, 1- inch margins, following Turabian citation guidelines.*****author date style
Submitted in .doc (or .rtf format).

references must also include:
Title: Human Resource Management in Public Service: Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems
Authors: Evan M. (Michael) Berman; James S. Bowman; Jonathan P. West; Montgomery R. Van Wart

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