Human Resource Management

Comprehensive Essay
This essay will be assigned after the midterm exam. At that time, you will have been exposed to various HR practices. This essay assignment requires you to choose one specific HR practice related to your work experience and write an in-depth paper reflecting your comprehensive understanding. The comprehensive essay focuses more on your ability to integrate HR knowledge that we cover in class and criticize real-world HR issues. You are asked to complete a 3-page essay with the emphasis of your critical and insightful thinking. The following are the questions you need to address.
Identify a specific HR practice and explain why it is important in your situation.
Identify potential issues that are related to an HR practice you choose in your situation.
Identify what actions should be taken to solve these issues and why.
I will grade these reflection essays based on 1) the criticism and comprehensiveness of your response and 2) the clarity of your writing. Your essays must be submitted in the following format: Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1 margins all around, and numbered pages. No more than 4 pages.

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