Human Relations Era Administrative Theory


You have been chosen to represent APUS at an important Public Administration conference.  You are going to present on the impact of the Human Relations Era school of thought on Administrative Theory.


Create a presentation using PowerPoint, or similar presentation software (several freeware versions available such as Knovio) in which you explain the overall significance of this set of theories, and then in which you go into detail on the contributions of Follett, Mayo, Maslow, McGregor and Mosher.

Instead of using biographical information, include how each added to the theories of public administration. Be sure to draw connections to the real world, support with examples and cite your sources properly using APA. Multimedia tools encouraged!

Include either audio of you giving the presentation OR a transcript of what you would say if you gave the presentation.

Include at least five academic references in support of your presentation.  Use the online library to do this using APA format.

Remember, this is not a biographical profile of the theorists.


Use this venue to demonstrate your understanding of their theories and their contributions to the field.

Dont just write paragraphs and put them on slides. Prepare a presentation using bullet points and either speakers notes or an audio inclusion.

USE YOUR OWN WORDS.  Dont just copy and paste information from sourcesit will show up in the Turnitin report.


Run the spell and grammar checker before submitting the assignment.

Have a title slide.

Include a reference slide.

Apply page numbering to the presentation

Save your file using the following naming convention.

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