hrm 445 mod 2 essay

Option #1: Are They Similar?
Employment and labor laws vary from country to country. Foreign labor laws generally provide much more protection for workers than labor laws in the United States. While the Fair Labor Standards Act in the U.S. establishes a minimum wage and overtime pay for hourly workers, it doesn’t limit the number of hours a company can require an employee to work. In Mexico, however, the Constitution establishes a maximum of eight hours for shift workers, a maximum of seven hours for the night shift, and a maximum of nine hours of overtime per week. For every six days of work, Mexico’s workers must have one day off.

Identify one law from the United States and one international law. Compare and contrast each law in a 3-5-page paper. Discuss the following topics in order using the prescribed section headers in bold.

Section 1: Introduction. Introduce the topic and provide a
1-2-sentence thesis, or position, on the topic.
Section 2: United States Law. In this section, provide a comprehensive review/background of the U.S. law you selected.
Section 3: International Law. In this section, provide a comprehensive review/background of the international law you selected.
Section 4:Similarities and Differences Between the Laws. In this section, you will identify the similarities and differences between the laws selected. Also, explain if the laws selected work within the other country. For example, does the U.S. law work in Japan? Why or why not?
Section 5: Conclusion. Make your position clear to your readers and remind them of why it is important.
Additional requirements:

Write a 3-5-page paper, or about 1100 words, not including the title and reference pages, which are required.
Your paper must be properly cited and formatted apa7.

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