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Good360 helps socially responsible companies do good by distributing highly needed product donations to people facing challenging life circumstances all through our global network of vetted nonprofit partners

For Good360What trends are impacting trade and investment? What are the drivers and stories that create these? How are these relevant to the business? Be certain that you clearly specify which aspects of the organisation will be most influenced by your Next Big Thing.100-150words

Provide 2 goals and actions plans to support this organisation as they face. are the behaviours that organisational actors should take to reach the goals of technology. As with the goals, these action steps should be concrete i.e. they should be measurable, observable, and countable. In addition, these action steps should be realistic i.e. they should be feasible given the organisations constraints (i.e. limited time, money, and capabilities).
An example of an appropriate action step would be We recommend a 5-step plan to recruit 10 experienced experts over the next 5 years (2 per year). This requires changing existing recruiting practices in the following ways…150-250

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