how technology should be used in the classroom

I need an outline and speech one page for the outline and one page for the speechs thank you.
Speech instructions for final outline and speech -combined persuasive speech and argumentation exercise. The purpose of this speech is to provide you with an opportunity to use logical and emotional appeals in an attempt to persuade an audience to your point of view. This speech also provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the process of argumentation and your ability to think and speak on your feet. For this speech, you will first prepare a 5-6 minute persuasive speech on a social or political issue. This will be followed by a 5-6 minute question and answer period in which the audience asks questions requiring you to clarify and defend your position. APA Format include resources
What I have decided to talk about for my persuasive speech Is noted in the title.
Title of Persuasion Argumentative Speech
What is your opinion on the use of technology in the classroom? Write an argumentative essay in which you provide a call to action for how technology should be used in the classroom well into the future.
Outline Guidelines are below.



Claims of Fact

Claims of Value

Claims of  Policy

State a claim

What are arguments for and against?

What argument is strongest?

Addiction is your strongest argument against….

Fun is your strongest argument for….

1. Attention Getter

2. Relate the topic to your audience

3. Relate the topic to yourself

4. Preview the speech
1. State Reason 1
A.  Explain Reason 1
B.  Provide evidence for Reason 1

2. State reason 2
A.Explain Reason 2
B.Provide evidence for Reason 2

3. State Reason 3
C.Explain Reason 3
D.Provide evidence for Reason 3
1. Signpost

2. Summary

3. Tell the Audience exactly what to think or do in response to the message.
List of Reasons
Problem Solution
Outline professor wants to be one page if possible please.

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