How synapses play a role…

Perform a literature search using scientific peer-reviewed journals to learn how synapses play a role in one of these developmental disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric illnesses.
Choose one of the following 5 diseases to be your focus in your literature research. Based on your interest.
1. Fragile X Syndrome
2. Rett Syndrome
3. Huntington’s Disease
4. Schizophrenia
5. Addiction
Only primary empirical studies will be acceptable as your two references. You may consult reviews too, but follow them to the original references. Two references (empirical papers) are required to support your discussion. If the two references’ findings conflict, then feel free to also discuss this conflict.
In your paper, please state (in your own words, not copied directly from the refs):
 Short background on the disorder/disease including a short summary of the brain area, cells, and synapses that are implicated in the disease according to the refs you choose to focus on (two sentences approx.) (2 pts). There may be multiple areas implicated but you can focus on one. You do have to ensure you find references that look at the synaptic level. 
 Identify TWO synaptic proteins that are implicated in the development or expression of the disease and describe differences (hypothesized or demonstrated) in the diseased and healthy state (can be human or animal model) (2 pts). Three to four sentences for each protein should be enough. Explain what is thought to be different about the synapses and their function (2 pts) [at the level of detail we have been learning about in class module 2&3]? How does this change at the synaptic level change affect the brain connectivity and its function (2 pts) [at the level of detail we have been learning about in class module 1&2]?
12pt, double spaced, 1″ margin
600 words maximum
In-text citation and reference page are required (APA format)

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