How Sonny Blues affected me

Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin
This is asking you to do Reader-Response criticism. It is not enough to say that a work affected you. You must show how it affected you and why it affected you in that way. You will need quotes and brief references to the story to make your points. Explain them clearly. LENGTH:600-800 words / approx. 2-3 typed, double-spaced pages FORMATTING: Calibri font, 12 pt. with paragraph indentations Save as WORD document (.doc or .docx) FILENAME:lastnamefirstinitial_WA2_2320 BIBLIOGRAPHY:Outside sources are not required, but if they are used you should have parenthetical citation in the text and a Works Cited page. TITLE:Come up with something original for your unique perspective. EDITING:EDIT EXTENSIVELY!

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