How Sappho Influenced the Vision of Same-sex Love and Female Literature

Collect passages from the text (If not, winter) and from two articles:

then discuss:
Why is this significant to this author?
How and where does it fit in the context of the work in which it appears?
Why do you care about it?
Why should others care about it?

Search for secondary sources such as research articles, books, and chapters that will help you understand your research topic better. Identify key ideas, arguments, and themes that provide you with a deeper knowledge and
understanding of the topic. Wikipedia, Sparknotes, and other internet websites do not count as secondary sources.

It is sufficient to consult one secondary source. It is not sufficient just to cite that source once or twice in the paper. You should engage with it, analyze it, describe its main ideas, criticize it if necessary to support your thesis statement in exactly the same way you do the analysis of the primary text itself.

Combine these text fragments and additional research into precise and accurate thesis statement and coherent paragraphs, along with your own commentary, analysis, and interpretation, so that both you and your reader will have learned something interesting and revealing about your research topic by the end of the paper. 

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