How does divorce affect the emotional development of a child?

Write a Methodology paper on the topic of How divorce affects the emotional development of a child? Please use the 3 attached documents for information on the topic and please USE THE ATTACHED OUTLINE TEMPLATE AS FORMAT for the final draft.

Follow the instructions below:

Your methodology paper should include the following sections. Please use APA style headings to organize your paper according to the following outline.

Methodology Outline

Research design Here you will discuss your chosen methodology (e.g., experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, survey, observational, etc.) and justify why it is the best design for your study.

Setting – Where will you conduct your study? Will it be conducted online (e.g. survey research) or in-person? If it is in-person, will it be in a controlled environment (e.g. lab) or in a more natural setting (e.g. public park)?

Participants What is your population and sample? What are their characteristics? Why have you chosen them? How many participants are needed? What are the eligibility requirements for your study? What type of sample is it? (e.g. random sample; purposive sample; convenience sample)

Measure(s) – What are the variables used in your study, and how will you measure those variables? (e.g. standardized scale, observation, interview). Descriptions of tests, measures, observations, scales, questionnaires, observation guides, and document characteristics should be included. If you can find reliability and validity of the instrument in the literature you should talk about that here.

Procedures Step by step, how will you collect the data for your study?

Recruitment Where and how are you going to get your sample?

Data collection Step by step, how are you going to collect your data?

Data analysis You should be able to get insight on how you can analyze your data through the literature. This is not a huge focus since we are not spending a lot of time on analysis.

Limitations of the study
Confounding variables
Threats to validity
Any additional limitations

Ethical considerations What possible ethical issues need to be considered? Make sure you discuss informed consent, right to privacy, and the voluntary nature of research. Any possible risks should also be covered here.

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