History Question&Answer Essay 2b

For this assignment, you will create a historical inquiry question, then write a short essay responding to the question.

vc_icon_steps.png Steps
1. Complete or review the assigned readings for this unit.

2. Create a historical inquiry question relating to the topics presented in this unit that you would like to respond to for this assignment. The best questions will be the ones that engage with the five Cs of history: change, causality, context, complexity, and contingency. The following are examples of good questions:

Why did the Communists win the Chinese Civil War?
How do the political pamphlets explain support for American independence?
What impact did the Aryan migration have on India?
Bad questions do not expand analytical thinking, and they might be written like the following:

What are the five countries named in the second paragraph of the textbook chapter?
On what date did each Confederate state secede from the Union?
Define the Thirty Years War.
3. Write an essay of 250- to 400-words in which you respond to the question you created. Ensure that you reference a primary and secondary source for your essay, and that you are not reusing sources. You may wish to, or need to, research your own sources beyond what has been provided.

I have attached the readings in the uploaded materials

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