For paragraph one, you can discuss who the speakers of these documents are, U.S. policy of imperialism that is being discussed in the documents, and  what events occurred in history that are being discussed in these documents. (Spanish American war which led to the Acquisition of the Philippines by the U.S. give some details about that).

For paragraph two, you only had to discuss document two, take a look at the directions. You also need to discuss how the audience / point of view / bias / purpose of this interview was meant for affects how we use it as a source. The president here has a bias towards viewing the Filipinos from an American-Christian point of view, and the interview is for a Christian Magazine and a christian – american audience. His purpose in this interview is to explain and justify his actions in acquiring the territory. This affects how we interpret the source and the reliability of the information, since it is not a balanced or neutral source. This should be your main focus with evidence and examples.

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