As the 2020 elections, the riots at the Capitol, and the impeachment of President Trump demonstrate, the United States has become a very polarized nation. Historians Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer, in their book Fault Lines, outline a myriad of causes of this polarization. In this paper, which will be your final assignment of the semester, you must:

Explain, based on your reading of Kruse and Zelizers book, what you think have been the three or four most important causes of division in American society over the last 50 years. Consider economic, social and political factors that have divided Americans.
Explain whether you think Americans can overcome their polarization (why or why cant Americans resolve their division?).
Conclude with a final evaluation of Kruse and Zelizers book.
Your paper should be three to four pages in length and is due via Canvas on May 3.

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