For this assessment, you will examine the effects of both world wars on France and the French people. you will need to watch the film Joyeux Noel by Christian Carion.
Maybe you can use automatic translation subtitles.

You will answer the following questions:

It has been stated that for France and the French, WWI was a unifying war while WWII was a divisive war. Analyze how that interpretation of the two wars is accurate by providing arguments  from this unit (the information about both wars, the film Joyeux Noel and the story of Louis Eschenauer). Write an essay of 375 words minimum.
From their experience with war, the French people have become very hesitant to engage in armed conflicts. Explain how this has affected French-American relations over the past 20 years or so. How did that affect the way Americans sometime view the French? Justify your answer.

Grading Rubric


Questions are clearly answered                                                        4 points
Arguments are logical and compelling                                            12 points

Length of response to Question 1 meets requirements                  2 points
Paper is well organized                                                                        1 point
Writing conventions are applied                                                      1 point

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