Historical Perspective: American and Japanese

This assignment is an opportunity for you to investigate an historical event from two different cultural perspectives. Everyone will research American and Japanese newspaper articles, videos, books, magazine articles, etc. on the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan (August 6th. & 9th., 1945) at the end of World War II. Events occur in history, and cultures do not respond the samefor obvious reasons. But, if we never read about an event from another cultural perspective, we cannot truly understand how people experience and perceive an event. Understanding history from as many cultural perspectives as possible helps us to appreciate how many different cultural ways the same event is perceived- this may illuminate any ethnocentric ideas we are harboring about how/ why something happened. Your paper should include a historical perspective on the atomic bombing of these two cities, and then, according to your research, analyze and discuss how Japan and America viewed the event. Your paper should focus on how culture may or may not have influenced the way each country viewed the bombing.

Paper requirements: Paginated, Times New Roman, 12 Font, double-spaced.  Minimum of EIGHT pages  . FIVE REFERENCES in addition to your  TEXTBOOK are required.

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