Hepatitis B

Slide 1 – Title Slide

Your name
Hepatitis B
Institutions Affiliation

Slide 2 – Pathophysiology of Disease

Etiology of disease process

Slide 3 – Pathophysiology of Disease

Pathogenesis of disease process
Slide 4 – Epidemiological Considerations

Impacts of age, gender, socioeconomic factors, lifestyle considerations, and geographic location
Slide 5 – Evidence-based Nursing Plan of Care-Admission (Multiple Healthcare Settings)

Identify the healthcare setting/facility-e.g., acute care, rehab, long-term care, mental health facility
Consider diagnostics and lab values
Screening tools
Holistic care with prevention
Slide 6 – Evidence-based Nursing Plan of Care-Discharge and Transition

Patient Education
Consider discharge needs
Slide 7- Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Challenges

What members of the interdisciplinary team need included-Why?
Consider the patient and family
Consider post-discharge and community care needs
Slide 8 – Cultural and Genetic Considerations and Challenges

What cultural and/or genetic considerations or challenges does this disease process present?
Provide supportive rationale
Slide 9 – Application to Current Practice

How has completing this assignment impacted your nursing current practice?
What will you take away?
Slide 10 – Reference Slide

A minimum of 3 references (<5 years) from scholarly sources in APA Format
If not from a peer-reviewed journal, must be from an authoritative website such as the CDC, NIH, Healthy People 2020, etc.
Please ask your course faculty if you are unsure of a resource.

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