Healthcare technology

In the course of study, you learned how current and emerging technologies have been transforming clinical practice, nursing administration, and nursing education. In your practice, you will search the WGU Library and the Internet for information on current and emerging technologies that have the potential to enhance nursing and/or healthcare. Create an annotated bibliography with at least five sources on this topic that you reviewed. (See Sample APA Annotation)  This can be used to educate your nursing colleagues on the impact that current and emerging technologies has on healthcare delivery.

From your review of relevant sources, and the interviews you conducted, select five technologies you believe have the potential to transform nursing and enhance health-related outcomes either directly or indirectly. Summarize the information for the five technologies you selected by completing the Technology Summary document.

For this phase, you will use descriptive statistics to analyze hypothetical survey data provided to you in the Barriers to Research Utilization in Nurses spreadsheet. Open the Barriers Data Analysis Instructions file for step-by-step instructions for this phase. Then, open the Barriers Codebook file in Excel and follow the instructions to analyze data and create the evidence for this phase.

Continuous Variable Analysis: Analyze data measures of central tendency (Mean, Median, Mode) and measures of dispersion (Standard Deviation, Minimum, Maximum, and Range) using the instructions. Create your own summary of the data using the Continuous Summary (Example) tab in the worksheet as an example of how to write your own analysis of RN and Tot_Scores. Save the Summary Yrs_RN and Summary Tot_Scores each as a screenshot.

Categorical-Nominal Variable Analysis: Analyze data with the COUNTIF Excel function using the instructions.Enter your results with a summary interpretation on the Summary_Demographics worksheet. Save the worksheet as a screenshot.

Categorical-Ordinal Variable Analysis: Analyze data using the Mode function using the instructions. Write an interpretation identifying high-scoring and low-scoring items on the survey. Save the Summary_Responses worksheet as a screenshot.

Count the Educational Level by Work Setting participants and for each Age Group by Race by using a Pivot Table by following the instructions.
Save the two Pivot Table worksheets each as a screenshot.

Open the Barriers Data Visualization instructions file. Follow the instructions to visually display the data by creating the following charts and graphs using the data in the Barriers Codebook file used in Phase 2. Save all graphics as screenshots by following the instructions, for your e-portfolio.

1.    Bar Chart of the Mode on all questions on the Barriers Survey
2.    Pie Chart of Age Group
3.    Sunburst Chart of Sex
4.    Column Chart of Education Level
5.    Funnel Chart of Race
6.    Treemap Chart of Work Setting.

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