Health Promotion Strategies

Week 7: Health Promotion Strategies

On the Healthy People 2030 website, the Social Determinants of Health explain that a national indicator of health is measured by the “Increase the proportion of high school students who graduate in 4 years” (USDHHS, 2020). As a nation, are we improving or declining, and why is this important to our health as a country?

United States Department of Health & Human Services. (2020).Healthy People 2030. Education access and quality.

Required Textbooks

Potter, P.A., Perry, A.G., Stockert, P., & Hall, A. (2017). Fundamentals of nursing. (9thed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.

Required Reading Assignments: Chapter 45 (pages 1058-1061; 1070-1072); Chapter 33; Chapter 38

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