Health promotion

Directions:  Read the following Case Study then discuss three (3) specific strategies in response to the situation presented.  Each strategy is to be described in a separate, well-developed paragraph (5 pts each).

Case Study:  Innovative Teacher and Staff Health Promotion Recruitment- What Would You Do?

Melissa Venzia, a school district health promotion program director, wants to engage school district faculty and staff in a new health promotion program:  Know Your Number Health Program. It is a collaborative effort among the districts health insurance providers, teacher union, and school district. The program goal is for teachers and staff to know and record, as part of a web-based program, key personal health indicators such as blood pressure, weight, height, BMI, cholesterol, date of last physical, vision exams, flu vaccination, and allergies. 

As one of the largest school districts in the state, there are over 10,000 employees (administrative, faculty and staff) located within 150 buildings. Miss Venzia wants to do more than send email blasts and flyers to engage the teachers and staff.

If you were Ms. Venzia what would you do?

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