Health Policy Formulation and Analysis

Developing Health Care Policy

Choose a topic on which to develop a health policy. This topic may address a needed change in technology, health care literacy, staffing, billing, diagnosis, etc. Using the resources found in your textbook, topic readings, and other appropriate resources, explain your health policy’s intended use and evaluate the effect that your policy may have on direct patient care in the United States.

In a 500-750 word composition, utilize the health care policy template attached to construct a health policy and analysis according to the following:

Health Care Policy Template (Replace with Policy Name)

Department / Organization:
(Insert Department Name)

(Insert the background for your health care policy)

Policy Description:
(Insert the new policy that you are enacting for the organization)

Effective Date:
(Insert Fictitious Date)

(Insert Position that governs area)

(Who is covered by this policy?)

(What laws does this cover or relate to?)

(Detail what is needed for this policy and why it is enacted, including step by step if needed)
(Optional-Insert Law that this is coveringEMTALAHIPAAHITECH, Etc.)

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