health policy

Health Policy Analysis – *STROKE*

1.    Research healthcare issues that have been identified in your local community (*LOS ANGELES*). Develop a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes. Structure a health policy analysis presentation that addresses the following topics particular to your health problem.

PROBLEM STATEMENT defines the problem being addressed in the analysis
    How a problem is framed is one of the most important steps in a policy analysis
1.    1-2 sentences, usually in the form of a question  (STROKE PREVENTION IN LOS ANGELES)
2.    Must have more of a narrow focus
3.    May be neutral or value-laden
4.    Must lead to the possibility of SEVERAL options
5.    Do not include recommendations

BACKGROUND – informs the reader why a problem has been chosen for analysis
    Provides much of the facts and information necessary to understand the problem being addressed
    Not partisan or argumentative

LANDSCAPE provides the overall context of the analysis by identifying key stakeholders and the issues that must be considered when analyzing the problem
    Which stakeholders must be included depends on the issue at hand and the phrasing of the problem statement? (Examples of stakeholders – Politicians, states legislature, governor, health insurance industry, AARP and other elder rights groups, advocacy groups with disabled groups, pharmacists lobby or on pharmaceutical companies and internet based pharmaceutical companies)
    Examples of issues that must be considered
1.    Political factors
2.    Social factors
3.    Economic factors
4.    Legal factors
5.    Practical factors

OPTIONS the policy analysis should provide 3-5 options for a client to consider
1.    All options must
1.    be within the power of the client to do
2.    be consistent with the clients values
3.    address the issue identified in the problem statement
2.    Identify criteria that will be used to evaluate the option.

RECOMMENDATIONS choose the recommended course of action based upon your data and the needs of the local community. Multiple recommendations are appropriate depending upon the healthcare issue identified.
1.    Consider a Pro and Con List
2.    Consider a Priority List

The five leading causes of death, heart disease, STROKE, lung cancer, emphysema/chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), and Alzheimer’s disease, all chronic diseases, account for 42% of all deaths in Los Angeles County.

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