Health care LAW HIPPA

This DB forum is focused on HIPPA, which is an extensive law with several moving parts!  HIPPA concerns itself with several major rules such as the Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Patient Safety Rule, etc.  Here are some good resources for DB5.
New HIPAA Regulations in 2021 (
Health Information Technology |

What to do for DB5:  There are two things to complete:

Select any HIPPA topic that is of interest to you!  Educate us all on your topic of choice.  Include your opinion of the matter.  Include your thoughts regarding the impact of your topic of choice (and the current happenings around that topic) on the healthcare industry.  I am especially interested in the impacts on healthcare administrators.

What is the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act)?  How will it impact healthcare administration?
There are no minimum or maximum lengths for this or any particular format or style.  Please format your work so it is easy for us to follow.  None of us really want to look at one big paragraph, right?

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