Health Care

2 page paper: Application of  Health Belief Model (HBM): Belief and Behavior of Married Women on Breast Cancer Screening
Use HBM constructs: Perceived benefits, perceived seriousness, perceived barriers, perceived susceptibility, modifying variables, self-efficacy and cues to action to breast cancer screening.
Refer four peer-reviewed scholarly articles related to target population and write a paper addressing the title:
1.    Briefly describe the HBM
2.    Describe the topic and how Perceived Benefits and Perceived Barriers apply to the target group; providing examples.
3.    Select two other HBM constructs and describe how the constructs specifically apply to the women and breast cancer screening with specific examples.
4.    Summarize the HBM and its application to the target population and the topic.
Note: Format references in APA 7th style

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