TOPIC: Understanding what you are consuming is important, one way to see what you about to consume is through food labels. In one case, Coca Cola America brand of sodas uses the artificial addictive ingredient, high fructose corn syrup, whereas the Coca Cola Mexican brand which use cane sugar, and both brand are sold in America, choosing the Mexican brand of Coca Cola would be the wiser choice because of the natural ingredient used. It  would also be true, wiser to consume,  brands like Boyland, Jarrito and so on that uses cane sugar as the natural ingredient. Take a food product that you regularly and compare and contrast the “brands” and the ingredients the use. Which of the “brands” would be wiser to consume? And are there hidden artificial addictive ingredient or/and bad-for-you ingredient?
—Essay format, looking for well-developed thought process and responding to the essay question (no bullets or short answers) Do NOT use/cite any references in you paper. Do NOT include a heading or title on the paper, Simply answer the question in essay format.

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